Baja Designs Neutrino V2 Black Box

Baja Designs 63-9209

The Neutrino Black Box is the best way to both distribute and control electrical power on your car, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, or off-road vehicle. Automate and control your lights, heated gear and other electrical accessories all from your smart phone. 



  1. -Fully configurable and controllable via smart phone

  2. -60 amps total capacity over 6 circuits

  3. -20 amp circuit with current spike management

  4. -Delayed sequential circuit startup

  5. -Programmable self-resetting circuit breakers

  6. -Compact... 2” x 3” x .9”

  7. -Fully waterproof and shock-resistant

  8. -Uses easily accessible and reconfigurable screw terminals

  9. -Power and ground planes. Minimizes ground loop and installation problems

  10. -Heavy duty construction using 6 layer circuit board with heavy copper layers

  11. -Remote temperature sensor

  12. -Direct battery charger inputs

  13. -Flexible connection architecture allows for optimal Bluetooth radio placement


More details:

  1. -Fully configurable wherever you need for a PC

  2. -Multiple distribution modules each maintain their own settings so you can move your phone from vehicle to vehicle while retaining all the settings for that vehicle

  3. -Free application software for both iOS and Android

  4. -Free application feature enhancements


- Highly configurable

  1. -Circuit names

  2. -Circuit breaker limits by circuit

  3. -PWM (variable control) or switched control by circuit

  4. -Settings memory by circuit

  5. -Voltage alarm

  6. -Ignition off behavior (auto shut down, timed shut down, voltage-dependent shut down) by circuit

  7. -Auto circuit activation (temperature, sunset)

  8. -Relay circuit activation (using existing or add on remote switch)

  9. -Units of measure


  1. - Unparalleled range of data

  2. -Speed

  3. -Time

  4. -Vehicle voltage

  5. -Amperage by circuit and total

  6. -Heading

  7. -Altitude

  8. -Temperature


  1. -Full integration with smart phone core functionality

  2. -Maps

  3. -Phone

  4. -Music

  5. -Texting

  6. -Email

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